How Often Should You Clean Your Silver Jewellery

Your pieces of sterling silver jewellery won't tarnish too quickly. This is partly because of the properties of sterling silver. As a metal, it doesn't react with other chemicals easily, so it should stay looking clean for a long time.

The sterling silver pieces that sit in your jewellery boxes unworn for a while are more likely to tarnish. Whether these are your silver earrings for a special occasion, or a silver chain from an old friend. You need to know how to clean sterling silver jewellery to keep your favourite items looking their best.

Your everyday items that get a lot of wear, like your silver rings and silver necklaces will need cleaning less often than your items you save for special occasions. I clean my most worn pieces every 6 months or so. Your more occasion pieces like pendants and charms or bracelets will need polishing more frequently because they don't get as much friction. I regularly go through my jewellery box with either a polishing cloth or I'll use a silver dip once every 2 months or so.

Once you've identified your sterling silver pieces of jewellery, the next step is caring for it. See how to clean sterling silver jewellery with our 3 step guide to keeping your pieces looking brand new which will be released next week.

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